My publication series I will turn into a book

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Thoughts and Theory

Using Graph Data Science to compute a reputation score (betweenness centrality) on Mirror user interactions across Twitter, Governance, and Ethereum transactions

I leveraged the mempool to get a better proxy of user behaviors and emotions when participating in NFT auctions on the platform

Buy, sell, and mint fractions of NFTs.

Trade and hedge future income.


Let’s look at the contracts and queries for the total value locked and user profits of Barnbridge, a credit tranche protocol.

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Trade with gas efficiency!

Understand the history of Ethereum wallets, what Access Legos are, and the implications of both on the future of dapp development and usability.

Stop trying to approach people on LinkedIn; you need to understand the structure of content, conversation, and community.

Asking people about networking looks like this. It all sounds like common sense, but most people have a chaotic or non-actionable approach to it. Let me try and help you make it more organized and actionable.

We’ve distilled networking down so much that having a point or signifier of contact seems good enough — but that won’t cut it anymore.

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Hands-On Tutorials

Let’s make your queries more efficient and readable, and also help you understand decentralized exchanges like Uniswap on Ethereum.

  1. Common Table Expressions (CTEs)
  2. Self joins
  3. Window functions like PARTITION, LEAD, LAG, NTILE
  4. Use of indexes in querying to make operations faster.
  5. Subqueries and the impact of subqueries on the efficiency of the query

Andrew Hong

Trying to provide some structure to our world. @andrewhong5297 on twitter and github,

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